Al-Manakh Police Department


The Al-Manakh Police Department is located in the city of Port Said, which is one of the coastal cities in the country. On 10 October 2017, following prisoners’ demands to meet their rights to clean food and to be visited [by their loved ones], a force from the department attacked them and hurt them, as shown in the relevant video, denying them access to food, medication and banning their families from visiting them as a kind of punishment, noting that these prisons lack in toilets, which leads to violating prisoners’ privacy and revealing their nakedness, not to mention preventing them from receiving proper medical treatment or allowing their families to visit them. In addition to torture, the detainees suffer because of poor hygiene, complete absence of health services and lack of clean drinking water.


Remote video URL
Video showing the torture inside Al-Manakh Police Station in Port Said, Tahrir,10 October, 2017