Almansoora Prison - Aden

1980-Present day

The Al Mansoura prison is the central prison in Aden, which has been used to accommodate AQAP prisoners and people accused of criminal offences. It consists of two sections. One section includes a community home or reformatory of the Central Prison and another represents the infamous Beir Ahmed prison which serves as a detention facility for opponents.

It was built by the British in 1963, then it was taken over by the southern government after the revolution in 1967. It became a political prison in the 1980s and was annexed to the Prisons Authority in 1993 after the Unification of Yemen. Then the UAE developed its sections in 2017.

Since the beginning of the current war, the Saudi coalition has used it to imprison people.  It is also regarded as a temporary detention facility to hold the people who are transferred by the Saudi coalition and legitimate Yemeni government to an unknown place. It was also used by the UAE forces participating in the Arab coalition to support the legitimate government in Yemen as a prison for its opponents and opponents of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council.


Almansoora Prison