Political Security

1978 - 2011

The Political Security Organisation in Taiz is one of the main Yemeni Intelligence Agencies. It is concerned with political security issues and observes the political parties. The Political Security Prison in Taiz is one of the key prisons where the Saleh regime used to hold the political opponents during the 1970s and 1980s, subjecting them to torture, execution and enforced disappearance inside the prison dungeons for allegedly having political affiliations with leftist parties. And after 2011, during the youth revolution, the Political Security building was used as a military site for the Houthis and forces of [late] president, Saleh. 
In August 2015, prisons and cells were opened during aerial bombardment, allowing many prisoners to escape, which instigated all parties to exchange a wave of accusations of setting the prisoners free. Later, the Political Security building remained under Brigade Mika 22. 
In 2017, the Abu Al-Abbas group attacked the building in an attempt to take it over and take control of the Cairo Castle. And indeed, the Political Security building and the castle were both seized on 25 January 2017. The archives, operations room and the administration office, including the files related to the building and the detainees were all set on fire. Also, some of the nearby buildings associated with the Political Security Organisation were blown up during the agreement in which President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi authorised the Secretary General of the Nasserite Organisation, Abdullah Noman, to hand over security and military police buildings. For almost a whole year, the building remained in the hands of Abu Al-Abbas group, until it was handed over, during the reign of Governor Amin Mahmoud, to the Presidential Committee, which in turn handed it over to the so-called military police forces and special forces on 17 August 2018.