Lambez prison


Lambez is notorious for its extremely harsh conditions. 

Tazoult is one of the most ancient cities in Algeria which still boasts important Roman vestiges including a Roman Court and a Church, and has a museum of archaeology and a prison from colonial times. Known as Lambaesis in Roman times, it is just 10 km from the city of Batna, on the National Road No. 31. This jail was created as a military prison by an 1850 decree issued in the city of Batna and was called Lambaese at the time, referencing the Roman name of the town. 

Later it was used to confine common law convicts, guarded by a detachment of Zouaves. Nearby is a small village inhabited by jail staff which was established for the activities of craftsmen and traders around the jail. An agricultural colony was created in 1862 for hundreds of settlers. Some public buildings completed the institution: a church, a hospital and a post office.

The penitentiary is an institution for the re-education and rehabilitation of inmates. It is the largest in the country. However, it is notorious for its extremely harsh conditions. It was heavily used during the French invasion of Algeria as well as during Algeria's War of Liberation. Inmates are still held in this historic prison.

Lambez Prison
Lambez Prison, Al Shourouq, 14 June, 2017