In a region that stood as the front defensive line towards the south and the east, adjoining the city of Ouarzazate, local authorities, as well as the colonizing French, built a number of casbahs and castles resembling historic military bases. Tagounit is one of the castles built in the traditional architectural style of the region. It was first
used by the French Army, the Moroccan Liberation Army, and the Royal Army during the frontier war between Morocco and Algeria known as the War of Sands. It was later used by the auxiliary forces, which currently oversee Tagounit.
The original detainees held in this center were from the Group of Casablanca and numbered 200 detainees. They were arrested between 21st December and early March 1972 and ranged between 41 and 70 years of age. They were detained for 28 months. Those who survived were transferred to the Royal Army Avenue auxiliary force base in Casablanca during April and May 1974 and then freed in June of the
same year according to the Committee on Justice and Reconciliation report. The second wave of detainees was arrested in May 1974.

Teknit secret prison, in the province of Zagora
Tagounit Secret Prison, Skoura Governorate, Raseef, 26 November 2018.